• TAO Geomantie Associate Master, QI-MAG International Feng Shui and Geobiology Institute Ltd.
  • Associated professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • International Feng Shui Consultant, Grand Master Jes T.Y. Lim
  • Master of Arts, Interior Design, Staffordshire University 
  • LEED, Qatar Green Leaders
  • BA. Int, International Business administration, University of Southern Denmark
  • Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Qatar Science and Technology Park
  • Master of Fine Arts, MfA, Product Design, Design School Kolding, Denmark

Selected References:

  • Private office interior, Qatar National Library
  • Boutique Interior, Hâute Couture, Qatar
  • Home interior, Germany
  • Home interior, Qatar
  • Home Interior, Denmark
  • Corporate interior design, B2B, Beirut
  • State infra structure, Fujairah, UAE
  • Office interior, UAE
  • The Anglican Church, Qatar

Member of:

  • Design denmark
  • BIID (British Institute of Interior Design), Associate Member
  • Feng Shui Society, UK

Bonna Ravn Thomsen

Experience awareness, expand consciousness, raise human capacity

Blissbode sets the pace for the interior industry and offers intelligent insights and informed opinions by bringing points to the table not obtained elsewhere.

Expertise, insight and perspectivation build our industry experience and cultivate credibility. We create new ideas and know how to deliver services and goods to back up hypothesis.

The content offered by Blissbode is sustained by a ‘translation’ of current research and combines these with relevant advice on what impacts architects and interior professionals on a market demanding applied knowledge of the megatrend of Inner Development Goals. Trends are shared and patterns of disruptions in the broader economy of market dynamics are used for suggested differentiation.

Blissbode experiences success every time our affiliated interior professionals apply vital living to an abode and its space users, expanding human capacities.

Sustainable development requires a “spiritual transformation” of ourselves and the organizations we are linked with that actively extends to the societal, global, and ecological levels.

From; Enhancing Human Flourishing Within the 2030 Development Agenda: The Spirituality of Global Transformation, 2016
– United Nations Population Fund


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