You know it very well – we are all different: We have different fingerprints and different furnishings. Your fingerprint is stuck on your finger and your expressed decor gives you a free space to put your talents into play.

Putting your talents into play takes place quite concretely: Below you see exemplified the same interior structure twice. On the left, the hallway is designed for a person (example A) who has inherited preferences for energies that refine inwardly and are sharp in their outward expression. It conflicts with the same person’s preferences for how he wants to receive his external surroundings: He actually desires the surroundings to be grand, refined, valuable and resourceful.

To avoid that he does not get the same sharpness back to his person that he expresses, the near environment in the interior must mediate between these two types of energies. The interior design professional can use a remedy with a liquid type of energy:

The greenish banners reveal a wetland with goldfish. They are the concrete, and very conscious, choice of furnishing objects that enable the energy-type conflicting resident not to waste his energies for keeping his life together despite sharp reactions. The interior design professional has created a framework for his daily life, that enables the contribution of his talents, the more he stays in the consciously designed local environment.

The interior DNA customized per client. Example A to the left and example B to the right.

However, this is not the case in the interior on the right. The exemplified client B has an innate extroverted energy that is further nourished by the joy she perceives from her immediate environment. The hallway is to the south of the built structure, and client B has the opportunity to experience an easy and simple joy and progress with the deliberately chosen furnishing objects.

You can also Achieve an Optimal Furnishing of Your close Environment

It is very easy: As soon as you have had a principally optimal design of your desired functional area drawn up. It can, for example, be the function ‘to sleep’, i.e. the bedroom.

A sketch from Blissbode provides you with a lay-out of the immediate environment that motivates your internal energies for a healthy and wealthy life.

Your interior is where your individual metaphysical driver for a sustained live approaches reality. Bonna Ravn Thomsen

A motivational 3D lay-out customized to your energies and to the structure you reside in.

Now, you may already have a bedroom with furniture in it. You probably intend to reuse some furniture pieces to keep your budget down.

The motivational lay-out, however, gives you the ‘Rolls Royce’ framework for your lucky and satisfying sustained existence in your current building. It shows:

• The design optimized for your preferences

• The ideal positioning of furniture

• Preferred shapes, colors, structures, patterns

From ‘Rolls Royce’ to Reality

If you are a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) expert, you will also receive a project plan for your interior design. Expressing one’s preferences are not necessarily easy to prioritize. To keep an overview of the process, the project plan is your guide.

You will also receive a preliminary list of parts that shows which objects Blissbode has proposed, their size, price, and supplier.

Project plans for the individual DIY’er. Preliminary project plans for industry professionals on larger projects.

If you are in a process with an architect or an interior design professional, the professional will receive both a project plan and a preliminary list of parts. The parts list is adjusted during your furnishing process by the architect or interior professionel, so that the list fits your budget.

The point being that you will live in an interior that enables the use of your best talents, at a budget that suits you at the time. If you or your interior design team are unsure about modifications, anyone is of course welcome to consult Blissbode during the process.

A preliminary parts list precedes a Bill of Materials, typically extended by the architect or the interior professional.

Are you:

  • Moving in or moving around
  • Desiring new furniture, fixtures, equipment and/or colours
  • Decorating or re-decorating

Then you are in a unique position to apply the drivers for your co-existence with nature, supporting you through daily decision-making processes.

Contributions to Your Conscious Awareness and Sensuousness

The gain is even bigger if you are an executive architect or design professional: In that case, you expand your awareness of the interconnectedness between people, nature, and the cosmos.

Additional Professional Services

Blissbode also suggests optimizations of the structure of buildings and of the surrounding space, e.g., new buildings, renovations, gardens, and parks.