”No”, she says. Mrs. L. rejects his wonderful and impulsive proposal to vacation for a week away from the cold native climate to be warmed by the sun and sea air at a southern destination.

Surprised, he is, she never said “no”.

Now, suddenly, she might say 'no'?
Now, suddenly, she might say ‘no’?

Mrs. L. is on the other side of the silver anniversary age. A dangerous age where she urges to follow her self-realization. It is dangerous. The dynamic of the relationship changes.

Up until this point, Mr. L. has been forced to achieve some of his electromagnetic stability through his spouse’s composition of elements. Unconsciously, it was probably a situation that suited him just fine. His inherited preferences for the fire element were naturally nurtured by her innate preferences for establishing the wood element in and around her, leaving him with a relatively stable peace and strength.

Time passed and they have now renewed the dynamics of their relationship. Contributors to this phenomenon include:

  • Re-design of the elemental preconditions for the negative life force energy
  • Establishment of personal family consciousness points
  • Relations between sets of consciousness points

The negative life force energy destroyed the natural cycle of energy, leaving Mrs. and Mr. L. individually weakened. Preconditions for a rewarding flow of energy of Mrs. and Mr. L’s interior is partly established due to the elements building their near environment and to the order of which the altered air quality changes throughout their bedroom, living room, and further interior space.

The flow of energy is then designed also to reach Mrs. and Mr. L. individually, to enable each of them to sustain themselves and more; offering surplus to their communion. Establishing a personal point for Mr. L. and relating that to the common consciousness point of compassion, empathy, and harmony paves the way for Mrs. L.’s balanced relation to the home’s yin and yang consciousness points.

Connected consciousness point allows nourishment and  inclusiveness.
Connected consciousness point allows nourishment and inclusiveness.

The activated consciousness points in Mrs. and Mr. L.’s home allow each of them to know themselves better, to enlarge their humaneness and to harmonize their balances as much as they desire.

As a science person, altering the test tube conditions in the interior, so Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© applied remedies for Mrs. and Mr. L.’s wellbeing, designing the interior framework and establishing the conditions for a desired everyday life. Filling their everyday life is, however, Mrs. and Mr. L.’s continuous choice.

The close environment can allow a spacious and present relationship.
The close environment can allow a spacious and present relationship.

But when I left from visiting Mrs. and Mr. L., I saw how they chatted and how they grabbed each other, excitingly: Mrs. and Mr. L. dared a change in their conditions and established an altered version of their communion.

To read more on consciousness points in the built environment, please click here: https://www.blissbode.live/2023/12/12/bio-charged-points-in-the-built-environment/

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