Space users who want an optimal use of their environment can plan how their built environment should work for them.

For those who have had their living and working area assessed and subsequently entered a Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design™ (BCRID) project, it is worth knowing how the individual bio-charged points work: Below is a brief overview.

Bio-charged points are natural occurrences in your environment. They can be active in parts of a spectrum we do not physically sense. Just as we cannot see the wind, yet we can see how it blows on the shape of the trees, and just as we cannot see atoms going back and forth in alternating current lines, we can see the light and feel the heat when we turn on the switch, when we connect the circuit.

Bio charged points are structured by our consciousness under environmental conditions.

People use bio-charged points when they want to achieve an easier daily life. By planning the framework of one’s daily life, situations change in a desirable direction. Activation of bio-charged points can be done when an energy level of 800 QU is achieved for homes and QU 1000 for corporations, and they need attention every 1-2 years. 

Below follows a brief introduction to the points we typically install in the second visit of a Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design (BCRID)™ process. The points are necessary when we want to leave behind our trivial struggle and rather cultivate our individual talents.

The use of bio-charged environmental design and related bio-charged points make the difference between being in the wheel or commanding the wheel.

The use of bio-charged points is based on a millennium-old practice. In Europe, the immediately best-known bio-charged point is probably the Greek Omphalos point: the navel, the gathering point of the family in the house. The points cannot be seen separately and isolated individually, as many of them have a connection to each other. 

Before the foundations are cast for the first house on a piece of land, the land is a dynamic piece of earth in interaction with the environment below and above the future building: Movements in the ground below create vortices, fault lines, cavities, and above the ground the environment is exposed to cosmic radiation and magnetism, for just to list a few. The rafter raised, doors and windows constitute the building’s porosity: as living biological systems, both buildings and bodies exchange information with natural phenomena in the immediate environment.

Movements we not immediately recognize may be imitated to charge our common consciousness.

The body as a biologically open system interacts directly with our sensory attention and psychic awareness. We experience this nine seconds after entering a built and designed environment: we are emotionally affected. If we spend many hours in the same environment every day, the emotions become rooted in our physique and after 1 – 1.5 years we are dominated by the environment of the house. Therefore, we want to use planned natural quantum effects in our immediate environment. We want to create the framework to catalyze mental hygiene and emotional harmony. Thus, the individual can plan to contribute with her/his extended human capacity in the contexts in which he/she participates.

When we install planned bio-charged points, we test the environment with kinesiology. We have various options to contribute with bio-charged points to the built environment, some use e.g., objects or colors. There are a few cases where you must use a remedial agent e.g., with L-shaped buildings.   

An L-shaped building is not whole. To make up for the lack of solid material, vibrationally, an object may initiate the intention of the whole house.

Types of Bio-charged Points

Negative Points

There are two very negative bio-charged points that must first be satisfied to work with a constructive planning of bio-charged points in the built environment for space users. These two areas may have become an anchor point to attract other ‘equal’ energies’. Space users who stay in the vicinity of the points are often confused or depressed.   

The Joy Point

The joy point is the catalyst for the heart. The more joy, the more abundance. If family members or colleagues oppose each other, there is no coherence. Absence of coherence creates nothing.

The joy point can, for example, be used in turbulent times when one’s brain ‘switches off’. In those times, the heart still works, and you can use its power if you choose to trust your intuition.

The Joy point is typically accepting, nurturing, and joyous, hence peach, pink, orange in colour, soft and valuable in material.

Health Point 

If this point has a good atmosphere, then it can regulate healing in the built environment. If, on the other hand, the point is overloaded, then the point becomes ineffective.

When the point is designed to function optimally, the point can i.a., be used for:

  • Revitalize the environment.
  • Strengthen the mental hygiene of space users.
  • Strengthen the space user’s emotional balance.

When the point is purified, empowered, and connected to certain other points, it can be used as an offering for the space user’s continuous healing.

Human Conscious & Awareness Point

This is the user’s sphere of influence, which the individual created from the moment he/she started using the environment. It is the central point for humans in the built environment because it bears witness to the culture the individual creates, based on the emotional characters in question.

For a company, the area is the anchoring point of the organizational culture.

Mental and Emotional Points

An overactive or passive culture in the company or in a family can be adjusted by designing masculine or feminine characteristics. The point’s connection to space users is realistically experienced every day as transformation possibilities of psychological waste, or masculine/feminine oriented imbalances (e.g., anger/aggressiveness or anxiety/depression). Therefore, these are also the points for developing a humble self-love and manifesting space user’s own individuality as opposed to being held back in a set of norms and roles.

The notions of yin and yang, and of second and third chakras inform the mental and emotional points.

Conscious & Awareness Point for the Built Environment

Raising the rafters, a particular energy is fixed, characterized by a defined time and space, holding the memory of the first sod connecting the rafters to the underground. Additionally, the point holds the memory of the atmosphere created by the workers, their supervisors, the first homeowners, and investors. Unsatisfied work or happy workflow is anchored in this point. The point attracts buyers with the same energy. However, Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design (BCRID)™ allows for the space user to exercise her/his human capacity. Attracting more wealthy buyers or enjoying more vital energy, when moved in, is one of the reasons for undertaking Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design (BCRID)™.

Individual Occupants Point

The space user’s individual characteristics are stored here: Health status, emotions, mental state, and behaviour. Therefore, this point also reveals the nature of challenges experienced by the single space user.

The point is formed seven days after a person moves into a building or starts using an office building.

Occupant’s Time Frequencies

The point traces the individual space user’s living history: areas where extreme good or bad experiences have occurred over time. The point is used to find trauma that needs healing.

Abundance and Prosperity Point

Your joy is what attracts your abundance and wealth. Abundance is about a big and open heart. The wealth part of the point is about attracting large projects and having the capacity for large projects.

Joy is the base of wealth – joy reverberates, wealth flows.

Current Turnover Point

The function is relevant both for household economies and for businesses. The point is often associated with other points of prosperity such as future cash flow point or millionaire point and can often successfully take the form of a distinct design in the real interior.

Extended awareness makes coherent culture of people cooperating, strong.

Future Cash Flow Point

When the point is activated, it continuously pulses the desired vibration. Thus, awareness circulates that there is a continuous flow of values to the site. As a function of time, the vibration will charge the prosperity consciousness of the space user, at a time when the space user is open and ready to act accordingly.

Millionaire Point

The activation of this point drives the space user to seek new goals and to work smarter. The point invites the space user to become more ambitious and to seek the opportune moment in which to act. This point must not be stressed.

Examples of other Bio-charged Points

  • Family points
  • Vision & Mission points
  • Soul point
  • Water point

The family point has room for all orders of siblings and parents, living in communities on the globe.

Sustained Growth of the Industry

Planning and installing bio-charged points in the built environment catalyze positive development opportunities. Compared to Leonardo da Vinci’s mirror cabinet, the conscious space user can transcend the projected object to recognize own talents and potentials in themselves, their fellow human beings and in their environments. Contributing in this way with one’s expanded human capacity is a pleasure as a human being, essential for practitioners and a must for the growth opportunities of the interior design and architecture industries.