This is the room where he was crying. Grandmother’s infant grandson did not want to sleep in that corner of the room.

The room was not big, and there was, conveniently, no other space for the cot: No rest at grandmother’s.

Crying infant dis-eased by fault lines.
Crying infant dis-eased by fault lines.

Not until grandmother took matters in her hand: We found that several fault lines bothered the little guy

A fault line is, simply put, a fracture in Earth’s crust. This means these shears are situated from 5-69 km below the cot.  A fault line is a result of geological activity over time. They are a part of Earth’s natural dynamic processes.

Finding yourself on top of a fault line is something you can sense. Some adults may have inserted filters blurring the conscious awareness of how a fault line in the Earth is experienced. You may try yourself; positioning yourself on top of a fault line, you feel heavy, drawn into the earth’s cleft. We cannot, of course, physically, level a fault line in the crust. However, we can deflect the resonances. It was the energetic resonances from the fault line the little guy experienced. These gravitational points seemed unpleasant to the infant grandson, to which he objected.

Untamed child energy may be exhausting.
Untamed child energy may be exhausting.

The little guy has cousins. Grandmother’s other children used to express themselves ecstatically, when being looked after at her home. The situation of unrest perplexed the grandchildren and exhausted grandmother.

The building and its surroundings were exposed to various environmental resonances, did not have coherent front and back directions, lacked conscious awareness points and as a result carried a very low energy.

Correcting the entirety of the environmental factors to the desired energy level, calmed down the situations where grandmother looked after her grandchildren:

“They behave calmly, so we can pursue more interesting things together”.

Coherent energy is effortlessly pleasant.
Coherent energy is effortlessly pleasant.

The home measured 170 QU in August, before starting the cleansing, alignment, and activation. Our success criteria of 800 QU was obtained when measured one month after initial measuring.

Read more on QU here:

An altered home atmosphere ‘talks’ to grandmother. She, like most of us, is aware nine seconds after entering an interior space. She stays prolonged ours in her home and is therefore benefitted greatly by the environmental factors of her surroundings. The grandchildren are exposed to the new coherent energies of the place when there, but not the least; they are exposed to grandmother’s ease of place.

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