Applying a physical experience of fortunate health is symbolized by adding a plant to a specific place and under specific conditions.

Potential for Joy Assessed

The site’s energy level is tested with kinesiology on a Qi-Mag unit scale. The site’s energy level must be between 800-1000 QU. This level is comparable to a person in fair health.

It concerns all the places where we stay inside. The longer we stay in a specific place, the more we are affected by it.

Crudely, our near environment affects us: underground landslide or cavities, telluric streams, magnetism, graves, illness of former residents, karmic attachment to the place, or wandering spirits: about 200 different frequencies can affect your location, and it is these 200 frequencies that are curated.

Elevating the built environment to 800 QU. creates a basis for the decisions we make in our daily lives. 800 QU. corresponds to 8000 Bovis or can be compared to a log 200 on the Hawkins scale.

Influenced by conditions in the built environment, most react unconsciously and many unfortunately. It is these conditions that are assessed when curating residences.

A curation also reveals a potential that has not yet been planned to be exploited.

When the built environment is erected, we have the opportunity for conscious co-creation with the structure and interior design. The implementation of various cleaning methods and the construction of supporting bio-charged points takes place in a Bio-Charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) project.

After clearing low-energy points, we can build bio-charged points that support health, value turnover and personal development goals.

Reversing the flow by applying Bio-Charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) to the built environment realizes a potential that henceforth is experienced in our daily life: instead of negative projections that produce psychological waste, you too experience daily inspiration, acceptance, and coherent decisions, in an environment that makes sense.

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