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Interior Design

  • Bio-charged Environmental Design


On-line courses on how to:

  • Read and release energies
  • Optimize designs indoor and outdoor
  • Protect yourself performing energy work



      • Tools for lifting energies
      • Tools for reading energies and optimizing designs


        ”The energy in my home has greatly improved. The troublesome corner in my bedroom is no longer an issue, and I feel much freer and more comfortable moving around in my space. Various points in my home were activated, enhancing the flow of both present and future money. Consequently, I’ve noticed a significant increase in my financial prosperity.”

        Rikke Frejo

        Director of Asset Maintenance Services

        ”I have rented a large, old house, where I have both a home and a business. In order to be as comfortable as possible on site, I contacted Bonna, who subsequently put in a great deal of professional work in complying with my wishes.
         Before Bonna started the project, there was an uneasy and unwelcoming energy in the house where I felt pushed aside. As soon as she finished, I experienced harmony, that the energy in the whole house suddenly connected and there was calm everywhere. Now I feel welcome, that I can make the place my own and there is a pleasant energy everywhere. My guests also express that there is a good energy in the house.”

        Lotte Koch

        Holistic Practitioner

        We would like to thank you for examining our house and garden for energies. We have lived in our house for 30 years, and have only now become aware of the attention points of the house and garden. – The new knowledge and especially your work with the house and garden has made our home more “alive” and full of energy.

        We can highly recommend Bonna’s exceptional skills.”

        Kurt and Lone Thomsen


        ” I have moved from
        ”F*** this – I don’t believe in this s***”
        to the point where I now count the nights I sleep through.”

        Brian Thomsen


        “More clients are coming, including new ones, and more people are signing up for my courses.

        Also, the sale of bowls is expanding.”

        Lotte Koch

        Holistic Practitioner

        We work with



        Interior Designers:

        Art tableau’s for activation of health, wealth, and defined power points in the built environment.


        Supplying suggested interior design boards optimized for specific user types, inclusive bill of materials.

        Manufacturers and Product Designers: Combining shapes, materials, textures and colours to enhance vitality of users. 
        Professional draft persons:  Recommending the build of a design, fit for purpose of specified user types’ shapes, materials, textures and colours. 
        Private persons: 

        Releasing the defined built area and landplot from burdens, and activating benevolent preconditions for a present and content daily life.

        Bonna Ravn Thomsen

        Experience awareness, expand consciousness, raise human capacity

        • We have a vision of green building rating systems to apply standards for the Inner Development goals as applied to interiors.
        • We aim for the interior industry to contribute to enhanced human capital on a societal level.
        • We support the growth of individuals extended human capacity by enhancing health on physical, psychological and by being consciously aware living in the built environment.
        • We are an independent catalyst for thought leadership, applying science of the whole human and our environment to interiors.
        • We work actively to develop human capacity in architecture and interior design.

        Sustainable development requires a “spiritual transformation” of ourselves and the organizations we are linked with that actively extends to the societal, global, and ecological levels.

        From; Enhancing Human Flourishing Within the 2030 Development Agenda: The Spirituality of Global Transformation, 2016
        – United Nations Population Fund



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