Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) is the first of three phases of an elite interior design. This introductory article focuses on this first phase.

First phase: Influences on the human space-user from the site’s geobiological conditions and timely disruptions are neutralized, redirected, or released and beneficial resonances are raised and activated to create an optimal basis for those who live on the site.

Second phase: Optimization of natural water and air systems in and around the built environment, in relation to the environmental influences of built environment in accordance with the client’s preferences. In principle, many interior design possibilities emerge, all with the aim of promoting the human being’s free choice for a fulfilling life. 

Third phase: A unique Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© is realized, building up the site for the site-user capacities in the choice of applied materials, colors, shapes, structures and positions. The quality of the strengthened unique interplay between natural air and water systems provides personal energy benefits and industrial growth opportunities.

The three phases leading to Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) is not alleopathic or homeopathic medicine for the client. It is neither psychological coaching nor psychotherapy but associates with physical, mental, and psychological wellbeing:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” 

A. Einstein

As in Einstein’s quote, BCRID© practice include potentials that lie outside the conventional interior design thinking: When the local surrounding environment resonates to a common higher consciousness and when our common higher consciousness is anchored, it is an invitation right here and now for the client to use her/his free will for an easy daily life where one thrives.

Where a Builder Builds the First House, it Happens on the Bare Ground

The earth is part of the macrocosmic system cycle, e.g., air circulation and precipitation, the radiation we receive through our atmosphere and the movements of the poles and corresponding changes in the earth’s magnetic fields. 

Our surrounding environment impacts us.

When we found a house with walls and roof, we encapsulate the specific combination of e.g., time and geobiology, resulting in the typical way the individual space-user is influenced by the local climate of this exact location.

Did the foundation of the first building happen many years back in history and has a new building been built on top of an old and has the place witnessed births, deaths, communities, industrial production, explosions, and religious devotion etc., then it affects the residents or employee’s thoughts, feelings, habits, perspective on life – and therefore, reactions and decisions.

All these events have stored resonances in the built environment, some of which cause stress and disharmony.

“Humans may think they affect the environment, but not nearly as much as the environment affects humans”

Dr. Skinner.
Waste frequencies might date many years back.

Negative influences can be neutralized or redirected, and positive influences can be strengthened in the immediate environment for the benefit of those who reside or work in the environment now.

We can choose to say ‘yes’ to the invitation designing our immediate environment to support our well-being when we are aware of personal preferences for our own positioning in the immediate environment.

What is the Client’s Part of the First Phase?

A client typically recognizes a connection between her/his immediate environment and own human systems; If the building’s structure and energy level change, the way in which the client reflects on life and makes decisions, also changes.

A process starts with an awareness-raising and expectation-aligning conversation between Blissbode’s representative and the client.

When the work itself is to be carried out at the address, the client and her/his family or colleagues must vacate the premises. The reason is that the Blissbode representative works while he/she is in an altered state of consciousness, and that the representative must protect her/himself during the energy-work and therefore cannot speak.

When the client leaves the house, it is for the purpose of relaxing; go for a walk, visit a café, or enjoy a spa. you must not work with machines, knives, performing movements or the like as empirically, incidents may occur as a consequence of confusion in some cases; to avoid accidents, the client must enjoy that time.

The client must enjoy her/his time during the Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) process when environmental waste energetically is neutralized.

The reason is to be found in the fact that the built environment, with which the client has become at home, is undergoing energetic restructuring.

During the following process, the client is asked to keep a simple log on specified days. The log serves as the client’s awareness and as feedback in the process.

A process typically consists of two on-site visits, of which the first visit takes the longest time.

Immediately thereafter, the clients’ built environment is the opportunity for well-being, which invites what looks like ‘luck’ to others. Such a condition allows for goal setting and thus the client and the built environment, a composition that Blissbode defines as an ‘ENERQIST’, are ready to optimize their built environment’s water and air systems in relation to pursued goals, entering phase two.

How is a BCRID© Process Performed?

200 local frequencies and vibrations can be tracked and are investigated by Blissbode, relative to each unique built environment. We use defined methods to communicate with nature’s, human beings’, and the built environments’ consciousnesses. The Blissbode representative eliminates geopathic stress by identifying the present challenges in the surrounding environment and by aligning time, place, and people of free will, so that people have a choice whether they want to live a flourishing life and an option to pursue such goal.

The Blissbode representative works with the natural local resonances, vibrations, and frequencies to apply space-user’s preferences in the built environment.

Some natural local frequencies affect the client negatively. Negative influences result in the person experiencing accidents, arguments, litigations, health challenges, money loss and the like.

Blissbode’s goal with the full three-phase interior design package is for the client to experience harmonious interpersonal relationships, prosperity, support for ventures, good health, and the homey experience of being at the right time and place.

Once the client has given Blissbode permission to start a process, we prepare for an on-site visit.

Blissbode combines Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) with kinesiology. The Blissbode representative performs as a surrogate for the unit of consciousness that consists of the client and the place: the Enerqist.

During an on-site visit, the energy is generally raised to a pleasant amount of harmonic energy, defined in QiMag Units, depending on whether the task is a private home, a work organization, a hotel lobby, or another built environment. In addition, there are specific points where frequencies or vibrations are neutralized, redirected, connected, or activated depending on the interaction between the environment and the site-user.

This process is completely unique for each enerqist, and a particularly exciting part of the energy work: each land area-built environment-inhabitant relationship has its very special coherent history as a committed participant in our shared world.

Blissbode follows the client/enerqist for a period, to ensure the energy quality remains elevated and that the relevant specific points work for the client’s well-being and opportunities are stable.

Individual, Industry, and Societal Gains

The individual achieves generally more energy and with that, opportunities to redirect thoughts, feelings, habits, life perspectives and decisions to obtain a more harmonious daily life.

In addition, the use of Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) is the individual building owner’s or project owner’s contribution to the sustainability of the planet, as waste frequencies are cleaned out and enriching frequencies are activated for the benefit of those who stay in the building in our present time.

Enriching our built environment with extended human capacities paves the way for our sustainable future.

…A.. “Sustainable development requires a “spiritual transformation” of ourselves and the organizations we are linked with that actively extends to the societal, global, and ecological levels.” UNFPA, Enhancing Human Flourishing Within the 2030 Development Agenda: The Spirituality of Global Transformation

The application of Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BRID) promotes the development of both clients’ and designers’ human capacity to benefit from the dynamic nature content in our built environment.

Applying Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BRID), the built environment concretely becomes a framework, a structure, capable of transforming our current daily life to a sustainable life.

Accelerating the achievement of our common sustainability growth must take speed, considering the statistical performances of our poor mental health, as one example. Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BRID) and Bio-charged Regenerative Environmental Design© (BRED), applied in both architecture and interior design is used for societal gains and is now structured for industry growth.

Applying our extended human capabilities to our built structures applies a quantum leap of growth opportunities on personal, industry, and societal levels.

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