Bio-Charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) is the forerunner of an elite interior design and harmonizes the energy structures of the immediate environment; the causes of the patterns that influence people to a reaction.

The surrounding macrocosm is in dynamic change, climate change is an example, which can cause stress if we do not harmonize our surroundings.

Unconscious Influences

Your house’s environment may be affected by geological, biological and/or emotional vibrations from your time as a resident, or earlier. It can, for example, be a fire, ritual sites, or BCRID© points.

Analogous to the human body, the earth is also covered with a complex network of energy meridians. As with humans, the energy lines of the earth can be brought into a vibration that is beneficial to you in your abode, now.

Conditions for Well-being

For this purpose, techniques, and methods comparable to acupuncture, and kinesiology is used to free the registered land from negative energy patterns that have been created over time.

Your Project

To carry out our project Blissbode needs:

• Your house plan, drawn to measure (may be found on a web store)

• Your cadastral/land register plan (with address and North pointing arrow)

• Photo of how your built environment is positioned in the area.

After an initial curation, we talk about the framework possibilities for your living conditions. If you wish to continue, a Blissbode representative may visit your address.

During the visit, Blissbode neutralize the site’s challenges, heave the natural energy level in accordance with applicable standard, as well as activate relevant positive BCRID© points by agreement.

The pyramid plate is a typical tool in energy work.

The visit is followed up with a time framed contact and relevant adjustments.

If you are interested, call +45 5026 0962 or write to Blissbode at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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