Natural ventilation with seasonal air humidity ionizes the indoor air to the benefit of human sleeping conditions.

Sleeping with a Vampire

Twelve days after a Bio-Charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) session the client relieved tells me she now wakes up well rested in the mornings.

Mission completed. We got the ‘vampire’ out of the bedroom.

The Vampire-Effect is a known issue of bedrooms with too low energy: tired, she lays herself to rest while the body energy might be at a typical 85% by the end of the day.

However, if the bedroom energy is at 35%, the energy she had, is dragged out of her body during the night. Consequently, she is not fit for the following day’s activities.

“In all cultures and in all medical traditions before ours, healing was achieved by moving energy.” 

Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel Prize for Medicine Recipient

The house energy should preferably reach 70% at least, testified by rate of ionized air and furthered by natural ventilation and often a water feature.

Increasing House Energy

Water features are not used in bedrooms. We resolved disharmonies in her sleep by increasing the energy contributed from the ground. Though raising the energy measured, it should be kept softly moving for keeping a joyous health.

Radiation to the Head, Relieved

Apart from a general energy lift in the built structure, the client was specifically disturbed by magnetic radiation near her head when in sleeping position. The source was located on the outside corner of the bedroom.

Energetically, working with radiation it is generally recognized that the energy is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The energy is regarded as a resource, that needs to be directed or altered.

A geopuncture technique was applied outside the built structure, around the bedroom area. Puncturing energy vortexes relives stressful energy travelling through the built structure and into the head space of my resting client.

Planning for well rested sleep is a professional obligation when drawing the structure of a building and when applying an interior fitting the inhabitants’ personal and inherited preferences.

Such, our space-users improve their compassion and discernment taking everyday decisions, letting the architecture, interior and product design industries contribute to societal growth.

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