Wealth and good health flowing into the spectator via a symbol, an image, and a remedy, decorating the built environment.

CASE: Mirrored Actions of a Symbol

‘Uttewalder Grund’ is a painting communicated by Caspar David Friedrich in 1825. On the inside of the picture frame, a mountain landscape is revealed in the shadows of night. The painting tested as frequency point number 7.5 during my preparations for the on-site visit. But I didn’t know there was a painting there: it entered as a symbol of the character: ‘other’.

Most frequencies we test are energy areas in our immediate environment that stress us or hold us back from being the happiest version of ourselves. In contrast, point 7.5 was a point that needed to be understood and reinforced.

On-site surprise: The painting offered a fantastic point of consciousness. I connected it to another high-frequency area of the built environment and anchored both in a coherent field around the resident’s favorite spot on the couch. This has thus become a stable invitation to be able to take in the things that happen around the resident in an easier way, with a greater overview.

High energy offered where you stay the most, invite your free will to elevate your emotions and mental hygiene, enabling you to find solutions ‘out of the box’.

It’s about feelings and prosperity: ‘Uttewalder Grund’s invitation to open to the full moon, to the female aspect of the acceptor: to feel one’s feelings, to enable the framework for play, to be able to navigate our dynamic existence.

The point of consciousness transforms water into silver. Silver, multiplying in its course through rivers and waterfalls, presents a great pool of wealth that flows out of the picture and towards the sofa. – And right there in the painting is ‘I’ and right there on the sofa is ‘I’: the young male inhabitant. Over a span of 200 years, the symbol sends healing attention and an invitation to play and prosperity from Dresden to West Jutland.

The unpacked symbol reflects the aware aspirations of the contemporary young man: living without play and enjoyment leaves an unfulfilled potential behind.

The use of conscious awareness in the immediate environment precisely constitutes the industry’s yet untapped potential. The connection between systemic patterns in the built environment and the same environment’s space-user, explosively expands the contribution and growth that the interior design and architecture industries have the opportunity to contribute.

16-12-2023 I Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design I SG35
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