Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) allows space-users to co-create long-term wholesomeness, where they spend time. 

The Wholesome House

In many cases, there is no need to use a physical object to draw attention to activated power spots in the built environment. But:

Ms. R’s L-shaped house lacks two parts. The missing volumes cannot offer the family certain life aspects: there is no built environment to receive vitality from the surrounding environment and thus no place to accumulate opportunities for those aspects of life.

The missing volumes of Ms. R’s building constitute the failing link in a satisfying life experience.

Ms. R’s house plan reveals the missing areas of the built environment.

Ms. R’s house lacks the area for relationship. However, a remedy is used substituting the consciousness of that volume.

The remedy is an object. The object is like ‘medicine’. The remedy is the consciously activated surrogate in the built environment, tapping into the spaciousness in and between material objects.

Surrogate for the missing space of this built environment, remedies are necessary to strengthen the ‘Omphalos’, the middle of the building, representing the grounding centre.

Such a remedy might be a crystal because of the natural connections between the bio-charged crystalline structures of bones, cells, and water within and around Ms. R.

Mrs. R’s polished rose quartz was first introduced to the missing area of the house and then tested to be placed in the potting soil of a plant that receives the light from the missing area of the house.

New structure avails new possibilities. Anchoring the remedy, the substitute volume accumulates vitality for the otherwise missing space, allowing Ms. R to introduce this life aspect.

Missing areas in a built environment invites a wealth of possibilities to create a wholesome house, whereof one is mentioned above.

Standardizing the practical implementation of possibilities to create wholesome houses in the built environment would impact societal health expenses positively and be a supportive driver for the growth of the architecture and interior design industries.

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