Blissbode offers to curate the space in which you, your family, or your employees, spend your/their time. The purpose of the assessment is to define to what extend interior living conditions can be improved to support not only health, but ability to concentrate thus avoid mistakes and confusion, enhanced overview over possibilities and situations, decision making, cooperation skills, ease of supplies and more. 

What do we assess the built environment against?

  • Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design©
  • Customized Design to Preferences

The Consultancy is purely on-line. Your house plan, land, and the further environment are tested at varying degrees of detail against +200 frequencies.

The origin of a frequency may relate to geological or biological sources, some to incidents in human history, while others again are related to influences from particular matter.

The environment around us impacts us consistently and profoundly.

Some frequencies are disturbing our health or draining our focus. Other frequencies might benefit us if corrected, enhanced, and activated.

The curating consultancy finds relevant frequencies in your desired built environment. It is possible to mark them on your building plan.

The Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© work with the energies to be released and enhanced as appropriate to the benefit of the space-users and/or -owners.

The Curating Consultancy also rates against the ‘Customized Design to Preferences’.

The foremost obligation of a professional architect or designer is to acknowledge their client’s preferences. However, this is a more profound service than to listen. Each person functions at their best in definable interior compositions compared to other interior compositions, due to genetical and social preferences.

In the Blissbode case, the professional has a set of methodologies to enhance the clients’ natural intuition forming the environment to the benefit of the space-users in various positive ways, including health, overview, and happiness.

A light, spacious, colourful, and vital interior promotes human extended capabilities.

Such analyses are applied during the curating consultancy and marked on the building plan.

The Curating Consultancy report supports markings on the house and eventual, land plans.

The Curating Consultancy service does not render the solutions. This service is intended as a foundation tool for the space-user and/or -owner, or another architectural or interior design service (B2B) to consider the ‘Customized Interior Design Plan’, where a detailed recommendation is prepared including space-users’ preferences for structure, shapes, colors, and textiles in the built environment.

The Curating Consultancy forms as a base for a detailed and customised interior design plan for privates and organisations.

Together, the two services are your insurance that the built environment and its near surroundings that impacts us and our thoughts, feelings, daily reactions, habits and life perspective, do so guiding you towards greater levels of joy.

The curating of the built environment is a report with the purpose of engaging clients’ physical framework to invite the individual client to be more of themselves.

The report is not quite as detailed as when you decide to engage in a Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design© or a Customized Interior Design Plan project for already inhabited or used buildings.

Renovations or improving existing conditions are examples of when to use the Curating Consultancy.

The curating consultancy can also be used to advise fortunate renovations to existing buildings from the perspective of inviting to human growth. For a layout on a completely new building to be built, please contact Blissbode for the appropriate service.

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