The presence of balanced atmospheric conditions may be created in the built environment, vitalizing space-users.

Cosmic Joy in the Near Environment

Breathing the atmosphere of the planet Earth indoors vitalizes Ms. R. with humidity and oxygen, with energy, and information.

“An atmosphere is the most vital prerequisite for life and mind…with it everything becomes and receiving information…”

L. Watson

The sphere of the planets and the infinitesimal particles that fly into Ms. R. with every breath she takes, forming a circulating system that distributes oxygen. She and her furnishings are vitalized by the air, the spirit, and the breath flowing through us.

Vitalized Means Energized. Energy that Ms. R. experiences because she becomes herself to a greater degree rather than being closest to herself.

A feed-back from a detached villa owner, having become more spacious, transcending the experience of space.

Raising the energy level of her private home to 800 QU, the air is experienced less dense and more transparent.

Our Human Capacity Flourish when we recognize the contribution the complex interaction between materials and energy can make if we adjust the natural air and water systems: When the presence of balanced cosmic atmosphere in the built environment increases, our physical, psychological, and conscious states are invited to a greater amount of vitality.

Earth’s Aura is our Air. Societally, we clean our air and personally we clean the psychological waste in our aura to maintain health.

Realizations grows of just how much we are influenced by ‘something in the air’. And it should not surprise us if we now find ourselves moved by emotions we cannot properly understand.”

L. Watson

The Bio-Charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BCRID) cleaning of natural energies in the built environment opens both society and the mind to the interior design industry’s growth opportunities when we structure ‘what we do not yet understand’: for example, aspects of air quality. Thus, our human capacity and social commitment may unfold as a parameter of the state of the built environment.

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