Proceeding curating of one’s life conditions in a defined environment, invites a comfortable, soft, and vital energy at your disposition.

Elevated Lifestyle Starts Here

Imagine living your life in a box with too little energy supply. You are drained.

Curating the below house plan, this is exactly illustrating the struggle for a plentiful life despite being suffocated. 

Figure 1: Curating marks in living spaces notice the seriousness.

Curating Living Spaces assesses the severity of a living space compared to a measure defined by health and joy.

The above depicted house plan was initially rated to -6,650 QU, compared to a mass grave, where the achieved goal of +800 QU compares to a refreshing walk in the forest, just after rain.

The red spots were either energy-sucking spots or missing power spots in the house. The reddishly marked area covered the entire land and garden areas and was the ‘lid’ omitting energy transactions to take place, suffocating the life out of the struggling inhabitants.

The greenish market area, was once a strengthening area, supporting the inhabitants.

However, time has gone, and values have changed. The perseverance of the greenish area is now neutralized.

The green dots on figure 1 are naturally occurring power spots in the area. Though not initially activated, they become imperative in transforming the energy of the area.

Perspectivatinghow the inhabitants are influenced by their built environment, by explaining and experiencing point by point, inhabitants are re-connecting to a latent intuitive consciousness.

A client’s decision to invite a more vital lifestyle ends the curating phase and starts up the Bio-Charged Regenerative Interior Design (BCRID) process for their interior, correcting, neutralizing, and enhancing the energy turnover.

A freed and activated interior is the preparation for a Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design™ (BCRID) process.

A more vital lifestyle does not imply more activity, necessarily. It implies less tiredness, a personal surplus to ourselves and our fellow human beings; to become one-self rather than being self-sufficient.

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