A remedy activating the house’s health spot: in this case a peace lily in spotlight, harmoniously blending in, anchors a symbol of vitality.

Health is a Function of Place

“Humans may think they affect the environment, but not nearly as much as the environment affects humans”,

Dr. Skinner

Unconsciously, each person living in a house anchors her or his personality in a bio-charged point in the house, in this case it affected the female part living in a family home. 

Identifying the previous owner’s health point to the sharp, hence damaging, corner of the current kitchen island, still present after the current inhabitant couple re-constructed the interior of the house.

The previous inhabitants both fell unpleasantly ill, leaving a cue to this case, why the present inhabitants also fell ill.

After living in the fixed structure for about eight years, frequencies in the near environment might materialize. In this case, they impact the female inhabitant with disturbances in cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

The source of the disturbances is located to a geomagnetic line, potentially contributing to a strong health, if the vortex is stable. The vortex was not stable.

Stabilizing the Vortex – Stabilizing Health

The vortex’ energy is of a magnetic type. The area was unnecessarily turbulent. The

turbulence undermined slowly the immune system of the female part of this household.

The vortex’ frequency range was measured to 321-1200 Hz. with an intensity between minus 126 to minus 275 relative mG ready to influence cartilage, ligaments, and tendons showing after 8 to 14 years if an immune system is prone to respond.

Bio-charged points in the Built Environment

Fixating a built structure in cosmos on the earth, creating our near environment, that built structure accumulates energetic bio-charged points.

Humans have benefitted from bio-charged points since the first shelters. The Greek called a central power spot to the built structure ‘Omphalos’. 

Stabilizing the vortex and detaching the previous owners’ bio-charged health point, the current owners can now manifest their individual health anchored in the consciousness of their own installed and activated health spot.

Activation means, that the current inhabitants are not limited to roles or patterns of the previous inhabitants, but free to pursue their own healthy balances.

Plan for Health

Designing environments with conscious awareness invites vitality to our lives. Such planning is our industry’s growth opportunity.

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