1;Space weather is a part of the environment impacting us through the doors and windows of our build environment.

CASE: Releasing Karmic Connections in the Built Environment

Strong magnetic storm. I was nervous when the day for Bio-charged Regenerative Environmental Design™ (BCRED) arrived: my irrational ‘emotions’ stirred me to experience I had done a lot that I was definitely not allowed to do.

It was a typical November afternoon in Scandinavia: grey weather, 10°C. And I had to release vibrations from a dark, dusty, and gloomy basement. That was what I wasn’t allowed to do by the energies of the place. The weather mentioned to emphasize influences from the environment are imperative.

Vibrations included remnants of my own past lives at the site. Own involvement makes bio-charged work more nerve-wracking. The basement energies of this apartment complex needed to be released and re-charged to improve the overall health and mental focus of all those living in the apartments above.

Historical evidence is sought for by colleagues. It is exciting. But I do not. Blissbode’s success criterion is to transform inhibiting energies into sustainable growth for people who, e.g., share a basement in an apartment complex.

2; While one’s own present relations to past emotions and thoughts might be fun to explore, the real benefit is found in adding the released energy to your own.

I have experienced it before: a living person lives in a place where they have a karmic connection to the house or to the plot of land. This compound can be a burden that contributes to sustained growth if released. It can also be a lighter version, where the inhabitant just acknowledges the ancestors’ journey.

But it can also be a relationship that applies the other way around: that the house or land is burdened by the activities of the client or the client’s family.

Dissolving karmic connections happens when we ease the three closest environments in relation to the built environment: the immediate environment, the environment in the apartment and the environment that affects the residents from underground. In an apartment complex, it is natural that many of the energies shared originates from the basement.

The work in the basement constituted the preparation for thorough work in a selected apartment. The apartment held at additional points of varying types.

I have come to treasure these forces for their transformational potential, just as my work avails their sustained contribution to joy.

Tenants and landlords both benefit from successful BCRED™ assignments in apartment complexes: the landlord’s turnover becomes stable, as does the tenant’s health and well-being. Improving the housing associations is sustained in detail by releasing the energies in the built environment for open and transparent communication between tenants or cooperative house owners.

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