Energetic knot between energies anchored in- and outside were, in this case, released by a pointy solar lamp in the garden.

Young Ones Moved Out – New Values

At the address we find a brave and protective house. The house has provided that service for many decades without receiving the energy required to continue giving that service.

The exhausted built environment hid, initially, its unstable psychological state.

The house’s emotions were between log 100-250 on Dr. Hawkins’ scale. The built environment tells its story of a strong maternal energy that has protected the in-living children based on the fixed norms of a previous time throughout several cycles of house-owners.

Fixed norms became stuck norms and the mother energy experienced dissatisfaction; a locked-in tension that did not desire to be seen.

Lost success criterions are difficult to let go of. You only do that for something that is better.

We used the house’s own resources to harmonize the condition: a point of courage to transform the feelings of the mother energy into contentment, which logs highest on the house’s possible emotion scale at this time.

The mother energy is now brought up to date and the punctuated Curry entanglement above the land area sustains a higher energy supply.  

Starting out the process Mr. and Mrs. T. had not defined their goal. When the house had presented its subjects, it was plain to both husband and friend to see that the conditions of the house reflected Mrs. T.’s former decisions and strength.

Despite that, it was the father of the household who first became abnormally tired: He had provided a long-term stabilizing effort.

The first feed-back, just a few hours after the on-site visit, translates: ‘Mr. T. is badly overcome by fatigue – and I (Ed: Mrs. T.) am light and happy.’

The house is measured to have had these energies BEFORE Mr. and Mrs. T. moved in. Choosing this house, supported the life performances Mr. and Mrs. T. have realized over the past several decades caring for family members. A situation that has now changed significantly.

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