I have quite come to care for the spirit and ghost energies. Releasing them, leaves space for us to engage in our present lives.

CASE:Structure for Existential Presence

I will not say it.

34 spirits and demon energies on 40m2.

I will not say it, because it is exciting. It is so exciting that attention is drawn to the situation we want to get away from: We commit a living oxymoron.

Colleagues prove that intangible energies of spirits and demons exist. But the energies are not exciting for the residents who live with them: roommates experience insomnia, coldness, insecurity, and sleep paralysis: The exhausted person lies awake in his bed, unmoveable. The perplexed person knows something is at stake and may even experience being pressed into the mattress or the like.

The resident reports ghosts, especially in rainy weather: There is a draft in the apartment, there is a knocking on the outer door and on the walls in a certain rhythm: xx-x. “The living room is a dance floor for ghosts”, experiences the resident preferring sedatives for a cure.

Spirits and demon energies are some of the +200 frequencies Blissbode tests for when carrying out a Bio-charged Regenerative Interior Design (BCRID) project. Each frequency has its own variations, its own causes, and conditions for existence, in our time-space continuum.

Blissbode conducts a surrogate test and finds anxiety and impatience in this built environment. The structure of the building from 1908 creates stuck spaces of emotions between past people for a young man in his 20s inhabiting the space in 2023.

Spirit and demon energies cannot move in time and place by themselves. Stuck, they can influence or even obsess people. Obsessed people do not live in the presence of now. They are tired and do not have the power to achieve what their individual souls desire. Hence, relationships with others are sabotaged, as are work and school performances.

Presence is the characteristic of a fulfilled life, feeling good aboutoneself as well as about our fellow human being.

An existential change occurs for the male inhabitant, releasing these energies from his abode. The young man became present. This could be observed e.g., in the maintained eye contact with interlocutors and that he now reflects on his choice of future.

Contributions to society’s sustainable growth is availed by such transformative conditions in the built environment when interior designers and architects implement our responsible knowledge for citizens in new and especially older buildings.

16-12-2023 I Bio-charged Regenerative Environmental Design™ I SG35
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