The gains are comfort, joy, and ease by planning your near environment as an active co-player, adding vitality in your daily life.

The Built Environment is a Co-Player

We construct many buildings with irregularities. While bay windows and niches may add some charm to the living environment, major extensions may cause a demand for further actions. This is especially true to a structure, missing areas in defined directions.

Newly divorced, Ms. F. confirmed the rule. As phrased by Einstein, a challenge is solvable with a way of thinking transformed from the one, that created the situation. Curating living conditions plans for such transformation.

Avoiding an eventual divorce to repeat itself, several measure may be applied to the built environment. Which measures are revealed during curation, amongst others; more than one condition is assessed.

Curation of the built environment revealed several actions to be taken (marked by red dots).

The red dots represent e.g., a disease spot, a dirty health spot, accident- and suicide spot, blocking symbols, a curry line, and a water line. Besides, several of the red dots reveal absent bio-charged point. Bio-charged points are meeting spaces between the two consciousnesses: The human inhabitant and the built environment.

A particular set of these power spots are contributors to the planning of environmental support for avoiding the trauma of an eventual other divorce.

Having presented the current state of the then unused resource, being the built environment, and comparing to the achievable success criteria obtaining 800 QU, planned vital energy contributor to Ms. F’s daily life decisions, she decided to proceed with the Bio-Charged Regenerative Interior Design© (BRID) process.

3. After a finished Bio-charged Regeneraive Interior Design© (BCRID) process, some bio-charged pints are neutralized, and some are actively engaged.

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